As Dead as it Gets
As Dead as it Gets book
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Author Katie Alender
Illustrator none
Published on 2012
Published by Hyperion
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From Bad to Cursed N/A

As Dead as it Gets is the third and final book of the Bad Girls Don't Die trilogy.


(4 Girls die and Laina is a poltergeist that Jared the guy that Alexis was dating created so then Alexis kills Jared by pushing him off a cliff -A)

Alexis is suffering from scary eyes. In every photo and video she sees, she sees a ghost or a dead person in it. That's not the worst of her life. Three months ago, she witnessed Lydia Small's death, caused by the evil spirit Aralt. Now, Lydia's ghost won't leave her alone. But Lydia seems to get more violent as three girls disappear from their homes, the last two dead. Meanwhile, Alexis's new boyfriend, Jared, becomes very nice and smart and a manipulative bitch. Carter says I love you to Alexis its nice.