Bad Girls Don't Die
Bad Girls Don't Die book
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Author Katie Alender
Illustrator none
Published on January 2010
Published by Scholastic Inc.
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N/A From Bad to Cursed

Bad Girls Don't Die is the first book in the trilogy Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender.

Kasey gets possessed and Alexis saves the day by destroying the doll that possessed Kasey. Alexis becomes close friends with Megan Wiley. Alexis and Carter start to date.

Alexis Warren is a fifteen-year-old high school outcast who has a abnormal family, mostly her younger sister Kasey Warren, who is obsessed with dolls, But Alexis is in danger. Kasey's eyes are blue but are starting to turn green because of a murderous ghost named Sarah is possessing her and Alexis and her friend Megan has to save her sister and other citizens from dying with a little bit of help from Megan's passed mother Shara. Then, Alexis helped get the demon out of her sisters soul and the demon destroyed their house and everything in it. It was the dolls who were possessed with the demon and Kasey got the demon from the dolls.


Alexis is a Doom-Squad member, with her punk-like attitude and anti-social, anti-cheerleader position. Her sister Kasey is a doll-collector but starts becoming possessed by a spirit named Sarah. Sarah makes Kasey act odd, like when Kasey breaks her best friend, Mimi Laird's, arm over a doll. Kasey acts stranger and stranger, she uses outdated language and loses track of time often. The old house they live in is behaving weirdly too. Doors open and close, air-conditioners that aren't even plugged in freeze the house. Alexis has to stop Kasey before she isn't even Kasey anymore.


-Megan and Alexis, who go way back to elementary school. They become friends when Megan helps Alexis try to get whatever's in her little sister. Demon, spirit, or angel out of her. They bond over this tragic and frightening event. 

-At the end of the book among the last few pages, Carter and Alexis are going to prom together when they decide to date. This continues in the next book.

- Alexis never knew the spirits name was Sarah till the very end

-At the end Kasey is taken to a Psych Ward and raped.

-Alexis' mom goes to work and doesn't act like a mom sometimes, she almost flat out ignores them. In the book that ended up changing more towards the end.

-Sarah almost kills Alexis' mom then decides to threaten Alexis for her to stay out of her way or else she would plant evidence to make it look like she did it.