From Bad to Cursed
From Bad to Cursed book
Vital statistics
Author Katie Alender
Illustrator none
Published on 2012
Published by Hyperion
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Bad Girls Don't Die As Dead as it Gets

From Bad to Cursed is the second book in the Bad Girls Don't Die trilogy.


Alexis' sister returns from Harmony Valley after being possessed by Sarah, although still shaken up. Megan and Alexis have developed a close relationship, and soon Alexis' sister opens up from her shell. After playing with a ouija board, they receive a message from a spirit named Elspeth,but are interrupted by Lydia Small. Her sister soon joins the Sunshine Club, a group of beautiful, smart and powerful women who have committed themselves to Aralt,the spirit of a womanizing Duke. Megan and Alexis join, and soon become the women they are expected to be. Alexis changes herself, which angers Carter, however, using the guidance of Aralt, she manages to win him back. Alexis reaches the finals in the photo competition she has joined, although it is slightly biased since one of the judges also taps onto Aralt's strength. Alexis is still not able to fully commit herself to Aralt, and needs to destroy the power center. Megan agrees to help,but is possessed by Aralt and attempts to set Alexis on fire.After strange events start to happen to other girls, the leader, Tashi, shows her the true meaning of the Sunshine Club. She finds out Aralt is evil, and every year, one member must sacrifice herself. he taps into their life sources so he can live on, and the other ghosts are trapped in him, tortured for eternity. Alexis wins the contest, but is not feeling proud of herself, since it was Aralt's work. The graduation approaches, and she finds out she will sacrifice herself. Tashi is missing, and she later finds out she was murdered by Lydia. She finds out Kasey truly took the oath, as she lied before and was not a real member. Tashi, who turns out to be on Alexis' side, left clues for Alexis so Lydia cannot have her way, which was to murder everyone but herself so Aralt could be hers. She leads the oath, the one Tashi and the ghost at the ouija board indicated that she should use, and Aralt leaves every girl except for Lydia. As Megan attacks Alexis, she maims her already injured leg. Alexis plans to burn the sacred book and runs, but is cornered by Lydia. Lydia summons Aralt, thinking he loves her, and is killed by him. Alexis destroys the book, which banishes Aralt. All the other women in the world who relied on Aralt and became famous, now are all frauds, and the judge for the photo contest is fired. As Alexis goes to Lydia's funeral, she sees Lydia's ghost in the distance. She knows it isn't over yet. cheese.

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