Kasey Warren
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Hair Color: Caramel Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Aliases: Kase
Family & Friends
Family: Alexis Warren (sister)
Friends: Dolls and Sarah (Bad Girls Don't Die)

Lydia Small, Arienne, Mimi and Trisha (From Bad to Cursed)

Enemies: Mimi
Other Information
Interests: Dolls
Education: School
Weaknesses: Spiders
Series Information
First appearance: Bad Girls Don't Die
Last appearance: As Dead As It Gets

Kasey Warren is Alexis Warren's younger sister.


Kasey used to be funny and brave when she was younger, but then she became obsessed with dolls and very timid.

"We get along all right, but once she hit middle school, I started to feel less like her friend and more like her security blanket." -Alexis Warren, Bad Girls Don't Die, page 25
She was afraid to speak and didn't have any friends, aside from Mimi Laird, a childhood friend. But, it may be possible she doesn't even consider her as a friend, saying she doesn't have any friends, and not acknowledging her and Mimi's friendship.

Once, she broke her arm, and thus it is possible they broke of their friendship, which wasn't really a stable friendship in the first place, since they were the type of friends to argue more than they don't.

Then she met Sarah. Kasey is intrigued by her and calls her a friend, but really, she is just a spirit out for vengeance, using her loneliness and lack of a backbone for her means. Whenever Sarah takes over her, her eyes go green, and she talks in an old fashioned way. She has amazing powers of persuasion, persuading Officer Dunbar that the brake wires weren't cut. It also seems she has super strength, pushing Alexis across Kasey's room. Kasey says she always listens to Sarah's ideas, but she sometimes listens to Kasey's.

In From Bad To Cursed, Kasey joins the sunshine club.[[Category:Teenagers]