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Lydia's first appearance is in Bad Girls Don't Die. She is part of the Doom Squad and one of Alexi's few friends. Lydia is considered, by Alexis, as the poster child of the Doom Squad. She spends time and energy to give off the impression to be too gothic and emo to be interested in mainstream things.

"'Ugh, Sabrina Woodburn dyed her hair black. Who does she think she is, Morticia Adams? She's in marching band... What a wannabe.'
'Weren't you in Glee Club until the middle of last year'
'That's totally different.'
'Sure, keep telling yourself that.'" -Lydia Small and Alexis Warren, Bad Girls Don't Die, page 27
Lydia is a rude, overbearing girl who wears gothic stuff like a shredded wedding veil with plastic spiders and tongue piercings.

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Family Edit

In From Bad to Cursed, her mother, Mrs. Small, was mentioned by Lydia that she drank. It is

also mentioned in the same chapter that Mr. Small had been fired from his job.

Death Edit

Lydia died because of Aralt. She is suffocated after calling to Aralt, with Alexis helplessly watching on. After she dies, she wants to take revenge of the ones she think must die instead of her. Alexis thinks Lydia starts to attack her (Lydia didn't want revenge). In As Dead As It Gets, she lives on as a ghost with an unknown power source, who somehow can't see other ghosts...

Trivia Edit

  • Lydia was in Glee Club the year before Bad Girls Don't Die.
  • Lydia also played as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.
  • She used to blog under the alias of BRDWYDIVA about all the Broadway shows she wanted to see and all the actors she wanted to meet.