Megan Wiley
General Information
Gender: Female
Family & Friends
Family: Sharon Wiley (Mother)

Mrs. Wiley (Grandmother)

Friends: Alexis Warren
Other Information
Education: Surrey High School
Talent: Cheerleading
Series Information
First appearance: Bad Girls Don't Die
Last appearance: As Dead As It Gets

Megan Wiley is Alexis's best friend, and the lead cheerleader.

Description Edit

Megan Wiley was initially written to be one of the most popular people at Surrey High, about 5 feet tall and usually wearing her cheerleader outfit. She is not only pretty and athletic, she is also a smart and obedient girl, being a candidate for Student Of The Year, before being withheld the award due to the Fit and Fun Day presentation, and being blamed as the possible ringleader of the incident itself.

Megan's mother died when Megan was 2, because the ghost of Sarah was possessing her mother. Shara Wiley committed suicide by breathing in the toxic fumes in her oven and dying of asphyxiation.

Megan and Alexis are pretty much as different as you can get--Megan being a preppy cheerleader and Alexis being a social outcast. But when they come together to fight the spirit of Sarah, they develop a certain kind of friendship. Megan always wears this half-heart charm that she shared with her mom which saves them at the end.


In Bad Girls Don't Die, Megan was shown as a popular, stuck up cheerleader to Alexis's eyes. Therefore, Alexis hated her because in her mind, she said that they were never going to get along and they are too different. Megan has a calm, collected attitude, while she also enjoys things like the Surrey High Football games, cheerleading, and gossiping. She also has knowledge of the paranormal.


Bad Girls Don't Die Edit

Megan first appears telling Alexis and Pepper Laird that the banner was perfect after Pepper kept whining that the banner wasn't straight. She is later seen talking to Emily Rosen, a nice girl who attends Spanish with Alexis, who was crying for Rory Henderson. Megan wasn't happy when Lydia Small began acting all nicey-nice and teased her after hearing gossip about her and Rory.

"I don't know, Rory. It seems really unlikely that any of what you said was true. I mean, considering what Jessica told us after prom last year...? About things going downhill?" -Megan Wiley, Bad Girls Don't Die, page 29