Pepper Laird is a cheerleader at Surrey High School and a former nemesis to Alexis. She is the older sister of Mimi Laird.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has fiery red hair that she wears with a white ribbon. She often wears her cheerleader uniform.


In Bad Girls Don't Die, she was very rude to Alexis because of what Alexis has done to the cheerleaders in the past and because Kasey, possessed by Sarah, had broken Mimi's arm on purpose. By From Bad to Cursed, she has gotten more friendlier to Alexis now that their sisters were friends again.


Early LifeEdit

In the eighth grade, Pepper and some other cheerleaders created a PowerPoint Presentation about health on Fun and Fitness Day and called out some kids for their weight. Alexis's best friend, Beth Goldman, was shown on the presentation for "DON'T go back for seconds" and was humiliated along with Javier Delgado, a boy who is also overweight.

Bad Girls Don't DieEdit

Pepper and the rest of the cheerleaders were helping Alexis's history class decorate the gym for the Homecoming Banquet. Mrs. Anderson made Alexis help Pepper with the banner, which had become a small conflict because Pepper kept thinking that the banner wasn't straight because her hair was covering one of her eyes. Pepper rudely told Alexis about Kasey going crazy by breaking Mimi's arm. Megan Wiley saw what was happening and stopped it by saying that the banner was perfect.

From Bad to CursedEdit

Alexis confronted Pepper after Mimi had harassed Kasey during lunch to tell her to tell Mimi to leave Kasey alone. Later, Pepper had told Alexis that their sisters quickly became friends because Kasey apologized for breaking her arm. Pepper attended Megan's smaller version of her party along with Alexis and Carter after Megan finally got ungrounded.

As Dead as it GetsEdit

Pepper had hosted a party that Kasey and Alexis attended.